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Completely scientific memory techniques to improve and enhance your memory.

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About Me


India’s Leading Memory Improvement Coach

Founder Of Memoriup Club

Hi..., I am Hemant Kumarr as a 'Memory Improvement Coach' and expert in memory techniques and strategies, with over 3 years of experience helping students to improve their memory and retention skills.

My passion for memory mastery began when I was in college, struggling to keep up with my coursework and exams. I discovered the power of mnemonic devices and visualization techniques to enhance my memory and quickly saw the results in my grades and academic performance.

Since then, I've dedicated my career to teaching others how to master their memory and unlock their full potential. I've worked with academic students, professionals, and individuals to help them improve their memory and achieve their goals.

My Mission

To Help Academic Students

I’m on a mission to help minimum 100,000 Academic Students to boost their memory power 10X… by creating a new community of extra-ordinary students with unforgettable memory.

My Expertise

Memory mastery

With over 4 years of experience in memory coaching, I help students convert their knowledge into an unforgettable memory.


My Community

Memoriup Club

I founded this community in the year 2021 to help students to boost their memory 10X…. We are now over 100+ paid members and continuously growing.

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Step 3 - Practice

Do Practice And More Practice.


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Completely scientific memory techniques to improve and enhance your memory.
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